Select the right duvet with the help of the warmth index

What is the warmth index?

Working in close cooperation with the NTB Interstate University of Technology (NTB Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik) Buchs, DORBENA AG has developed a highly-sensitive, computerised measuring system for the classification of duvet warmth. This classification – the warmth index – considers and grades on two specific parameters, which determine the properties of a duvet:

  • The warmth retention capacity of the duvet
  • The moisture absorption of the duvet

Both parameters together allow the duvets to be classified into four categories. We have listed the details of the warmth index for every duvet.


For sleepers with very low warmth requirements and/or sleepers in bedrooms with high levels of heating. Suitable for waterbeds.

Wärmeindex 2


For sleepers with low warmth requirements and/ or for sleepers in heated bedrooms. Suitable for waterbeds.


Wärmeindex 3


For sleepers with average warmth requirements and / or for sleepers in normally-heated bedrooms with low levels of heating.


Wärmeindex 4

For sleepers with high warmth requirements and / or for sleepers in cool bedrooms.


Wärmeindex Doppelduvet


Double duvet, light single duvet for the summer, heavy single duvet for spring/autumn and, buttoned together, suitable for the winter.


Guide values as an aid to selecting the duvet.