What are the benefits of DOR-Traumwolke®

The cloud philosophy is very simple: you should enjoy a healthy and restorative sleep. For this reason, DOR-Traumwolke® offers a new sleep concept: the pillows and quilts provide unique advantages in terms of comfort and hygiene.

The specially developed polyester "balls” for the pillows as well as the ultra light, insulation active micro fibres for the quilts are both DOR-Traumwolke® guaranteed for hygiene. All DOR-Traumwolke® products can easily be washed at 60°C in the washing machine and can be dried in the tumble dryer.

The quilts are particularly cuddly and soft. The fabric and contents make the quilts cuddly and lend them an unmistakable soft touch. The materials used optimize moisture transport and temperature balance.

Traumwolke® pillows, which are already available in different forms to meet individual needs, can now also be adapted to various sleeping habits, owing to the patented refilling air-lock (with zipper) and the "cloud fibre balls".

DOR-Traumwolke® as an alternative to down and feathers

DOR-Traumwolke® is therefore the optimal and high quality bedding program for all allergy sufferers, asthmatics, hygiene-conscience and particularly for children – an outstanding alternative to down and feathers.

What are the characteristics of DOR-Polystar®?

Attractive prices and long life. DOR-Polystar® is the low-priced brand for bedding with synthetic filling. These bedding goods are washable and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. After washing and drying, the special polyester hollow fibres remain pleasantly fluffy and in place, owing to the special quilting.