What distinguishes DOR® products from others?

The DOR® Program represents catering for individual sleeping requirements. DOR® is the brand for healthy, natural sleep. Every sleeper has individual needs – for pillows as well as quilts. With its various programs, DOR® offers optimal bedding to meet all requirements. AND IN THE UNIQUE DOR® QUALITY.

DOR® represents natural material

At DOR® you will discover a large selection of high quality quilts - filled with the finest down, sought after eiderdown or the finest cashmere hair - and pillows with feathers and down, fleece wool, spelt and millet chaff. Naturally, DOR® products consist of natural materials – ensuring you a healthy and restorative sleep.

DOR® represents high quality

We carefully select all the materials used to create DOR® products. Not all down and feathers pass the strict DOR® quality inspections. We source our raw materials from reputable and trusted suppliers, whose methods of harvesting as well as the origins of the raw materials can be confirmed at any time.

DOR® represents careful processing

With the same care with which we select the material, it is processed in our factory by trained and skilled workers. Therefore, you can be assured that you will always receive the best quality with DOR®.