Comprehensive hygienic protection for healthy and restorative sleep.
Sanitized® – the only comprehensive, hygienic protection concept.
In quilts and pillows treated with Sanitized® not only the content but also the cover enjoys Sanitized® protection. This protection against mites, bacteria and mould fungi is washable and has a long-term effect over several years. The protection is still proven after 50 washes.

Sanitized® offers:

  • Protection from house mites
  • Protection from bacteria and unpleasant odours
  • Protection from mildew
  • Care of bedding


  • Advantage and qualities of Sanitized®
  • Sanitized® is especially suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • The protective effect of Sanitized® has been tested and confirmed by independent institutes  in accordance with the standard NF G39-011.
  • The finish is dermatologically safe.
  • Sanitized® fulfils the requirements of the Öko-Tex Standard 100 (class 1 for infants).
  • Quilts and pillows with the Sanitized® protection effect are specially distinguishable by the Sanitized® logo.