Materials / Covers

Barracan / Swansdown (100% Cotton)

This fabric is used particularly for supportive pillows filled with feathers.

Sarcenet (100%Cotton)

As soon as feathers and down-like feathers are involved, Sarcenet is used.

Finely woven percale (100% Cotton)

In contrast to down-dense percale, this material is looser and was developed exclusively for bedding filled with fibres.

Down and finely woven percale (100% Cotton)

Is used particularly for down quilts and very soft feather pillows.

Cambric (100% Cotton)

This fabric is processed exclusively for quilts with high quality down.

Batiste (100% Cotton)

This extra fine fabric can only be used in combination with extra large flaky down.

Down fine satin (100% Cotton)

Due to this fabric’s special weave, it acquires a silky gloss and a special, soft texture. This fabric is used exclusively for high quality down quilts.

Finely woven satin (100% Cotton)

Very high quality bedding with natural hair and synthetic fibre filling is often covered with fibre dense satin. The glossy effect and the soft texture gives this material a feeling of pure luxury.

Finely woven combination fabric (Cotton/Polyester)

The outstanding characteristics of this durable fabric are also complemented by bedding filled with synthetics.

Down and finely woven combination fabric (Cotton/Polyester)Lyocell Satin (100% Lyocel)Pure silk (100% Silk)

This fabric can be used when durability and robustness is required. Whether feather pillows or down quilts, this fabric can be applied with great versatility.

Very high-quality bedding with natural hair and synthetic fibre filling is frequently covered in Lyocell Satin. Here too the slight sheen and the soft feel convey a hint of luxury.

Silk is gentle to the skin and pleasant to the touch due to its fineness and softness. Only quilts with the highest quality are manufactured with this very exclusive fabric.