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Duck down white
Duck down grey
Goose down white
Goose down grey

Down is a wonderful gift of nature. A quilt filled with down is soft and cuddly. Down ensures a deep and restorative sleep. Due to its special consistency, down can easily absorb moisture and release it into the environment. Down insulates outstandingly and thereby mediates a constant feeling of well-being during sleep – at all temperatures and throughout all seasons.


Downy small goose feathers white
Small feathers white
Feathers white
Small goose feathers grey
Goose feathers grey

Feathers possess characteristics of flexibility. They have a hollow keel and on the sides little branches that all connect together to form the barb. The feathers protect the goose or duck against wetness and additionally, together with the down act as an insulator. Feathers can be heavily burdened, without breaking. One can squeeze them together and they will spring back again and again. For these reasons, goose and duck feathers are the perfect filling material for pillows. This elasticity is called "filling capacity”.

Phase Change Technology (PCM) – Micro-capsules

Until recently, the insulating capacity of our quilts and pillows has determined how warm or cold we are during sleep. The Phase Change Technology with micro-capsules supplements this passive insulation by an active system. It reacts to changes in the environment and in body temperature and adapts accordingly. Variations in temperature are regulated and the perfect conditions for continuous sleep comfort is created.
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Cashmere – exclusive and comfortable luxury hair


Cashmere hair is airy, fluffy-soft and cuddly. It is one of the most valuable hairs. The very soft, almost silky hair offers outstanding protection against cold weather and is constantly warm. Its loose consistency offers exceptional air circulation and optimal climatic equalisation.

Camel hair – cuddly and soft

Camel hair white

Camel hair seems to air-condition and is capable of enormous heat support. Its high moisture absorbency ensures dry and healthy conditions, which is especially suitable for persons suffering from rheumatism. The outstanding temperature equalisation as well as its pleasant texture provides one with a feeling of well-being both in winter and in summer.

Pure New Wool – for a cosy bed

Pure new wool balls
Pure new wool

For our range of bedding goods, we use only wool from Switzerland. This wool has unusual characteristics: it is breathable, equalizes the temperature and ensures a healthy, warm bed – the entire year.

Wild Silk / Fleece wool – a product for warm days

Wild silk
Wild silk Tussah
Wild silk Tussah

Sleepers who are inclined to sweat on hot nights can use the summer quilts containing a mixture of wild silk and fleece wool. The refreshing effect of the wild silk combined with the outstanding moisture absorption of the fleece wool guarantee a restorative sleep for the "hot sleeper”.

Cotton – a filling material that is becoming increasingly popular


Cotton, as a filling material for washable quilts has recently been rediscovered. Owing to the outstanding attributes of pure cotton (washable, natural, excellent price, high performance) this type of quilt is becoming more and more popular.

Synthetic – contents for special requirements

Polyester hollow fibres
Polyester fibre balls

Dorbena has developed special contents for their synthetic bedding program, for example polyester high fibres and polyester fibre balls. Polyester is characterised by its unproblematic washability and is best suited for asthmatics, the hygiene conscious and allergy sufferers.



Latex is the ideal "health pillow” to use when sleeping on your side or back. High quality latex is manufactured with the unique "Talalay” process. Exceedingly durable and sturdy, it holds form as well as being air circulatory and very air-permeable. Especially recommendable for persons suffering from allergies. It relaxes the neck and supports the spinal column. Anatomically formed pillow.

Light feather kernels

The feather kernels embedded in the polyester fibres offer complete support, relaxation and climatic comfort and have an extremely long lifespan.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam
Memory Foam

The material "memory foam" was specially developed for space travel. Using body warmth "memory foam" adapts perfectly to the contours of the head and neck. You will experience an enjoyable sleep, like never before.

Spelt and millet chaff

Spelt chaff
Millet chaff

Our spelt and millet chaff has been awarded the Bio-Suisse Knospe. Bio-Knospe products are examined in the field, during the manufacturing process and in retail by independent control organisations according to the high Bio-Knospe requirements.

PE balls

PE balls

Pillows with PE balls adapt particularly gently and cosily to the head and neck. They offer good air circulation and are popular as travel pillows.

Cherry stones

Cherry stones

Pillows with cherry stones simply do you good - whether cooled or warmed. Simply apply the cooled or warmed pillow and feel the beneficial effect.


Tencel ROKOO

Tencel is made of eucalyptus wood and is 100% biodegradable. The production is absolutely sustainable. Tencel ensures perfect moisture transport and consequently an optimum sleeping climate. Tencel is cosily soft and also has a support effect when used in pillows.



Buckwheat chaff has its place in pillow production. Buckwheat has a calming effect and helps ensure healthy sleep. Buckwheat is used in the core of the pillow. The pillow offers a soft yet supportive headrest. It therefore adapts directly to the head and neck and provides ideal support. This buckwheat is surrounded with cosy down.



Microgel fibres are special polyester fibres based on a completely innovative spinning technology. The fibres are very thin (1/100 of a human hair) and consequently feel extremely soft and downy. The products are very soft and pliable. The fibre is extraordinarily thin and has excellent filling capacity. Easy care and short drying times, no clumping in the wash or when it comes into contact with moisture are characteristics of these fibres.


Small feathers-Microgel

In order to combine the best properties of different products, a number of materials are blended. These are, for example:

  • Down-Tencel
  • Down-Microgel
  • Small feathers-Microgel