The Antibacterial finish is an outstanding alternative for every user

DOR® brand duvets, pillows and encasing finished with Sanitized® feature an antibacterial hygiene function.

Ensuring you wake up next day feeling restored and relaxed.

Duvets, pillows and encasing with added value

  • Wash-resistant protection from mites, bacteria and mildew

  • For freshness and hygiene in bed

  •  Suitable for allergy sufferers

The numbers of people suffer from allergic reactions is rising constantly. What can we do about it? Practically nothing. All the causes and triggers occur naturally in the environment. Probably the most common of these is the house dust mite which can be found even at the best addresses. Our homes are becoming more modern all the time. Almost perfect insulation ensures constant room temperatures as well as higher humidity. This level of home comfort is appreciated not only by all the human residents, but also by the house dust mites.

And that’s why it makes good sense to equip duvets, pillows and mattresses with comprehensive hygiene protection which ensures full hygiene protection and restorative sleep. DOR® products finished with Sanitized® offer reliable and washable protection from house dust mites, bacteria and mildew.

Sanitized® product range

Bedding with anti-mite protection is available in the range of down and feather pillows as well as in synthetic products.

Our range encompasses a diversity of products:

  • Duvets and pillows

  • Mattress protectors

  • Duvet and pillow protectors

  • Protective covers for waterbeds and airbeds

Mite count by comparison

The protection from house dust mites, bacteria and mildew is wash resistant and offers a long-term effect lasting many years.

The protective effect of Sanitized® is tested and confirmed by independent institutes in accordance with the current standard.

The finish is dermatologic ally safe and meets the requirement of the Öko-Tex- Standard 100.

Sanitized® is a Swiss firm based in Burgdorf and is global leader in the area of permanent anti-microbial textile finishing.

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