Christian Fischbacher and Dorbena share «bed and bath».

The name Christian Fischbacher is internationally established and well known. It stands for class and style in bedding, decorative fabrics , exclusive towelling products and bathrobes. And, thanks to the partnership with us, also for quilts and pillows.

As with all genuine symbioses, the parties perfectly complement one another: our long years of experience the production of outstanding bedding, coupled with our sense of perfectionism and quality make us an eye-level partner for Christian Fischbacher.

On the other hand, the renowned label with it proven international distribution channels offers us the opportunity to effectively serve a discerning public. Our cooperation with Fischbacher is the ultimate proof.

Bed und bath

  • Christian Fischbacher Co AG, St.Gallen
  • Weseta Textil AG, Engi

Pillows and quilts

  • Dorbena AG, Schaan