We spend around one third of our lives in bed. Deep, restorative sleep is vital for our body’s regeneration. While we are sleeping, our immune system and nervous system can rally and metabolic processes run at full speed, and growth hormones are released. In brief: sleep is a fountain of youth for body and soul.

A breathable duvet with down absorbs the moisture we produce while we are sleeping (up to half a litre liquid per night) and releases it next morning when it is being aired. And it also has an insulating effect, keeping the warmth in bed at a constant level without a heat build-up. This is necessary as, during sleep, the body temperature drops by around half a degree and the room temperature at night varies. Together with superlight, breathable cotton batiste from controlled organic production, it results in a healthy sleep climate and a wonderful feeling of wellbeing in bed.

Pillows should fit ergonomically, support your head and neck and cushion your spine. The elasticity and “support” of the feathers are the decisive factors when it comes to restorative sleep. A very popular choice is three-chamber pillows which perfectly combine the properties of soft, fluffy down in the outer area of the pillow and the supportive core with feathers. Pure down pillows are also growing in popularity, with their unbeatable softness and fluffiness.

There is no better air-conditioning and temperature-regulating system then the fine branch structure of down and feathers with their millions of air chambers. Their service life is unmatched! In addition, their use makes ecological sense as they are a valuable by-product of the meat industry which would otherwise be discarded: The high-quality down and feathers in the Cradle to Cradle duvets and pillows come from free-range, organically-reared farmyard geese and are Downpass-certified.

Every sleeper has their own special requirements and needs; this applies to both the pillow and the duvet. Ideally matched to these individual sleep and heat requirements, the selected DOR® programme features duvets and pillows for the most varied of “sleep types” and thus achieves an ideal exchange of temperature and moisture in the duvet. Pillows, on the other hand, have various levels of filling so that the right pillow can be offered for front, side and back sleepers.

This GOLD standard certification ensures that all the materials used can be completely returned to their source, being entirely toxin-free (free of harmful substances) and 100 % biodegradable. Furthermore, the quality seal guarantees safe and fair working conditions and savings on natural resources in the entire production process. A further element of the Cradle to Cradle certification is the Dorbena take-back system. Further information can be found under

This seal is awarded to members of the Swiss Bedding Manufacturers’ Association producing in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and thus in compliance with the stringent Swiss standards. All the materials are selected by experts and subjected to the strictest quality inspections.

In terms of animal welfare, this guarantees that all down and feathers come from dead animals (no live plucking) and that the animals were not subjected to force feeding while being reared. They are sourced from just a few carefully-selected dealers, personally known to us, who can always provide proof of origin, rearing and harvesting method. Downpass certification is one of the elements required for bedding with the VSB seal of quality.

All Cradle to Cradle duvets and pillows of the popular DOR® brand can be sent back to Dorbena when they reach the end of their service life. The materials are examined; filling and fabric are separated. Useable down and feathers are washed, dried, bagged and processed into new recycling products. Materials which cannot be reused are industrially composted to the benefit of the environment.

All fabrics and filling materials processed by Dorbena are certified in accordance with the Ökotex Standard 100 (suitable for small children).Dorbena also considers the environment in its further processing. 100 % of the electricity used comes from renewable, CO2-free production. Since as far back as 2010, the company’s own photovoltaic plant has been supplying around 50 % of our energy requirements; the rest comes from ecological water power generation. A district-heating scheme is used rather than oil-fired heating. Before sorting, the down and feathers are washed using our own supply of pure, mountain spring water. During the washing process, all water pollution control stipulations are observed and only biodegradable detergents are used. The practical cases can be re-used for storage or are made of recycled cardboard.