Environmentally-sound disposal

Even when a product comes to the end of its lifespan, Dorbena takes the topic of environmental protection seriously and strives to complete the cycle: The company rigorously ensures the environmentally-correct disposal of quilts and pillows. When they have reached the end of their service life, they can quite simply be returned to Dorbena. There, free of charge, they are separated, sorted and then either sent to bio farms for composting or used as fuel in an incineration plant. The heat from incineration generates steam which is transformed via turbines and generators into electrical power. Some of the steam is fed into the district heating grid and ensures the heat supply to the homes in the scheme.

In the company Komposta Natural, Dorbena has found a partner that is able to return used down and feathers to the natural cycle. Since 1986, this bio operation has been composting organic material to improve both the soil and plant health in its own agricultural site. The plant is run in accordance with I.P. (integrated production), received the «Bio-Hilfsstoffknospe» award in 1999 and works in close cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich).

Special bacteria which are able to break down wood and branches into compost require organic nitrogen of the kind contained in down and feathers as food. The end product is prepared soil consisting of sieved compost which has been sanitized using a special aeration process with oxygen and which is free of weeds and disease. This high-quality, carefully-prepared material can be used in greenhouses, in vegetable cultivation, in nurseries or in viniculture, to reactive depleted soil.

In addition, waste such as paper, plastic, etc, is separated into different containers at Dorbena, so that the material can be recycled and reused. At times of dwindling material supply, this means that valuable resources can be saved.