No live plucking

„The top priority in the production of our high-quality quilts and pillows is our striving to ensure the wellbeing of humans, animals and the environment”, explains Remo Tschumper, Head of Sales and Marketing at Dorbena. For the traditional Rhine-valley based company these are not just empty phrases, but rather fundamental values. So, for example, all down, feathers and fine natural hair originates from animals that were kept in a manner appropriate to the species.

Dorbena AG uses only feathers from dead animals, no live plucking!

Dorbena guarantees that all down and feathers come from dead animals. For this reason, raw materials are sourced only from a few hand-picked dealers who are personally known to us and can always supply details of the origin and method of harvesting. The premium down and feathers come primarily from Polish geese and ducks. These birds live in small flocks on farmyards. This form of animal husbandry, with abundant green fodder and access to generous ponds, is not only appropriate to the species, but also has a positive effect on the quality of the down and feathers.

For example, Dorbena uses down and feathers from „contented oat-fed geese” from Poland. There the birds are lovingly tended on farms with spacious grassy areas and can move around freely all day. The geese enjoy a constantly supply of fresh water and in their last weeks are fed primarily on oats. Fresh straw is provided daily. This greatly benefits the quality of the meat and also makes the down and feathers significantly whiter and fuller.