CO2-free power supply

In manufacturing high-quality quilts and pillows, Dorbena AG unites a combination of ecological aspects in a manner which is unique in the bedding branch. For example, a photovoltaic plant is responsible for ensuring an ecological power supply. A facility with a panelled area of ca. 300 m2 on the roof of the Dorbena building provides electricity. Solar energy is generated from sunlight by means of photovoltaic solar cells.

Photovoltaic plant on the Dorbena AG building

The solar cells supply the production plant with around 35,000 kilowatt hours of solar power annually. This means that throughout the whole year, all down and feathers can be processed ecologically thanks to solar energy. As a result, no carbon dioxide is discharged into the air and around 24.50 tonnes of CO2 can be saved per year compared to conventional operational plant.