Washing the bedding

You can easily wash our pillows and duvets yourself, observing the washing label.

Please note the following care instructions:

  • Use a sufficiently large washing machine.

  • Always wash bedding separately with a mild pH-neutral detergent for delicate fabrics.

  • Select a programme with an integrated spin cycle (bedding absorbs a multiple of its own weight in water).

  • In order to prevent problems, please always follow the washing instructions on the label.

Dry the bedding

  • It is imperative that the bedding be dried separately in the tumble dryer.

  • For down and feathers, use the “extra dry” or “maximum heat” setting; do not use an automatic programme.

  • Set the tumble dryer at 60° for synthetic products.

  • Interrupt the drying cycle every 30 minutes and briefly shake out the duvet/pillows.

  • Dry for approximately 60 – 120 minutes; thereafter allow the dryer to run on a cold setting for a few minutes.

  • After drying on a cold setting, use intensive kneading to examine the moisture content: if necessary, dry again (the warm duvets/pillows feel drier than they are).

General care tips

  • Fluff up duvets and pillows regularly.

  • Do not use a carpet beater on the duvets and pillows.

  • Have the quilts professionally cleaned after 5 – 8 years.

  • Replace pillows after 3 – 8 years.

  • Do not hang out in sunlight.