For refreshing sleep with a clear conscience

Down and feathers are the pinnacle of what nature offers us for sleeping – including when viewed under ecological and sustainable aspects.
Enjoy wonderful, refreshing sleep with cosy down duvets and high-support feather pillows from DORBENA.

Sustainable down duvets and feather pillows with added ecological value

Down and feathers remain unmatched by any other filling material when it comes to sleeping comfort. It is therefore no coincidence that high-quality bedding is made of down and feathers. The fact that they are impressive in terms of ecological and sustainable criteria is less well-known.

Two seals of quality guarantee animal welfare and transparent production channels.

DORBENA AG is a member of the Swiss Bedding Manufacturers’ Association (VSB)

Beispielsweise sind folgende Anforderungen zwingend, um das VSB-Logo einsetzten zu können:

  • Produced in Liechtenstein / Switzerland
  • Observance of the stringent Swiss norms
  • Use of miteproof fabric
  • Downpass Certificate


The international and manufacturer-independent DOWNPASS Standard documents the ethical procurement of down and feathers from ducks and geese. Cage rearing and forced feeding are prohibited, down and feather harvesting from live animals is forbidden. The Downpass is a criterion for the label SWISS GUARANTY VSB.

The welfare of the geese is close to our hearts

The Polish free-range goose – BIO product line

In Switzerland, the outstanding down and feathers of the Polish free-range goose are available only from Dorbena. The animals have abundant space to move around freely and are ecologically raised. Small and medium-sized flocks of geese, ranging freely on green grazing land, and a natural environment offer the animals all-round perfect living conditions. They have access to fresh water and natural feed (grass, grain, etc.). At night, they rest on fresh straw in a setting which protects them from wild animals.

The Ukrainian farmyard goose – ORGANIC product line

In small flocks no larger than 10 – 30 animals, the geese live on farms and move around in a natural environment. They are always kept outdoors and have access to fresh water and natural feed (grass, wheat, corn, etc.).
In the central eastern region of the Ukraine, the geese find perfect climatic conditions so that the area around Poltava is outstandingly well-suited to organic goose rearing.

Organic cotton, GOTS-certified fabric

The cotton from controlled ecological cultivation (kbA) is turned into the most varied of fabric qualities. The BIO and ORGANIC duvets and pillows are encased in the finest, very-breathable lawn. The newly-developed, sustainable fabric is GOTS-certified and guarantees observance of minimum social standards, by no means a matter of course in the producing countries.

Uncompromising in terms of sustainability

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) guarantees the use of cotton fabrics cultivated according to organic criteria and produced in a socially-responsible way.


  • Controlled organic cultivation of cotton
  • Humane working conditions
  • Fair wages
  • Observance of minimum social standards
  • Very low levels of contamination in the materials


DORBENA AG Bettwarenfabrik in Liechtenstein guarantees unique, ecological production of its duvets and pillows

Animal welfare

CO2–free energy supply
We meet our electricity needs from 100 % renewable energy. The company’s own photovoltaic plant has been supplying around 50% of our energy requirements since 2010; the rest comes from ecological water power.

Animal welfare

Our own mountain spring water

Prior to sorting, the down and feathers are washed using our own pure mountain spring water. The purity of the water contributes greatly to the high quality of the down and feathers.

Environmentally-sound disposal and recycling

Even when the product comes to the end of its lifespan, Dorbena takes the topic of environmental protection seriously and strives to complete the cycle. The company rigorously ensures the environmentally-sound disposal of duvets and pillows. When they have come to the end of their service life, they can simply be sent back to Dorbena.

When a duvet or pillow has reached the end of its lifespan, environmentally-sound disposal is ensured. Free of charge, the products are separated, sorted and then sent to the organic operation Komposta Natura for composting. The down and feathers serve as a natural source of nitrogen which is needed for the decomposition of organic waste.

Bedding made of synthetic fibres is used as fuel in the local waste incineration plant. The combustion heat serves to generate steam and is transformed to electrical power by means of turbines and generators. Part of the steam is fed into the district heating network and secures the heat supply to the apartments in the scheme.


At Dorbena, waste such as paper, plastics, etc. is separated into different containers so that the materials can be recycled and reused.


• Our high-quality cases are ideal for storage and multiple use so that no waste arises.
• Cardboard packaging consists of 100% recycled cardboard.

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