Unique, ecological production of duvets and pillows

Animal welfare

CO2-free energy supply

We get 100 % of the electricity we use from renewable energy sources. The company’s own photovoltaic plant has been supplying around 50 % of our power requirement since as far back as 2010; we draw the rest from ecological water power.

Connection to the district heating network

The existing oil heating system was disposed of in 2023 and DORBENA was connected to the district heating network of the Buchs waste incineration plant. As we already use 100% electricity from sustainable sources, our heating energy is now also generated in a climate-friendly way.

Animal welfare

Our own mountain spring water

Prior to sorting, the down and feathers are washed using our own pure mountain spring water. The clean water makes a fundamental contribution to the high quality of the down and feathers.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare

We have been Downpass-certified since 2016 and have committed to sourcing all down and feathers only from slaughtered animals which, in addition, have not been force fed. Most down and feathers originate from Polish farms. Keeping the animals as suits the species has a positive effect on the down and feather quality, which is why we try to source our requirements as much as possible from small operations.

Environment-friendly disposal

And when the product comes to the end of its service life, arrangements have also been made for environmentally-correct disposal. The products are separated, sorted and then composted or burned by organic farmers, free of charge.


At Dorbena, waste such as paper, plastic, etc, is collected in separate containers so that the materials can be recycled and used again.