• Duvets | pillows | mattress toppers | protective covers

  • Exclusive branded products

  • Unique, fully-integrated, organic production

  • High level of handcrafting

  • Highest quality filling materials

  • Our own mountain spring water for excellent cleanliness

  • Owner-run family company

    Markus Freuler and Peter Frei

  • Member of VSB

    Association of Swiss Bedding Manufacturers

  • Restorative sleep in bedding from Dorbena AG


BIO Organic

Sustainable bedding from DOR® _
“refreshing sleep with a clear conscience”

Blue Ocean

DOR® brand bedding –
“eco-friendly and social”

Dorbena AG Bettwarenfabrik – Owner-run family company:

The production, marketing and distribution of high-quality duvets and pillows, as well as mattress toppers and protective covers, has been our core competence for decades.

Our fully-integrated, ecological production and our close relationship with our raw material suppliers are what allow us to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers.

Satisfied customers, whether with our own brand, DOR, our licensed brand, CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER or with well-known customer brands are the foundation of our success.

Tips and practical information: